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Removable Grilles

Removable Grilles

Discover the highest quality Removable Grilles available on the market today. These wood grilles install easily and securely into a window or door’s interior sash or glass stop using multiple attachment systems including concealed hardware.

Removable Door Grilles

Available Options:

  1. Assembled with Frame Surround/Frameless Assembled can be done in infinite shapes
  2. Removable Knocked Down (KD) Horizontal and Vertical Components — Each bar can be cut precisely to length and completely machined with our high quality joint work. Then you have two options available for packaging, either (a) a kit in a polybag or (b) bulk components program
  • Easy to install with our no fuss fastening hardware systems (included)
  • Available in a variety of rectangular or shaped patterns – custom grille designs are also available
  • Can easily be removed to simplify window cleaning
  • Diamond Grille Patterns– frame surround required
  • Not permanently applied, so the look and design can be easily replaced

Available in: Wood

Need a Custom Design?

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