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SDL Grilles

SDL Grilles

Creative Millwork’s SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) are engineered grille solutions for a variety of clients and applications (manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, dealers and architects) where assured quality and value come together. They give your grilles a classic, divided lite look for rectangular patterns – bringing continuous horizontal and vertical bar components together. Plus you can choose from a variety of non-rectangular shapes – or let us create your custom look.

Creative Millwork SDL Grilles are designed for a quality appearance and stress-free installation. Each bar is precisely cut to length (± .015” tolerance), with designed end work conditions, and is machined with our high quality joint work.

  • SDL Grilles can be used for residential or commercial applications, including architectural detailing
  • Precision engineered to the highest quality standards
  • Available in a variety of materials: vinyl, aluminum, bronze, and numerous species of hard and soft woods
  • Choose from the largest selection of profiles in vinyl, aluminum, bronze, and wood – or if you don’t see a profile you like, let us create a custom look for you!
  • Choose your finish color from over 600 matched choices – or let us color match a custom color
  • Multiple finish choices available for both interior and exterior applications
  • SDL Tape is factory applied from multiple tape choices

  • Profile Widths: We have an unlimited range of widths available
  • Profile Heights: We offer numerous profiles ranging from .111” tall to .750” tall
  • Edge Profiles: We offer edge profiles that range from flat and OGEE to putty glazed and custom
  • We can develop new profile designs to fit your needs -- Just call our Customer Support Team!

Colors & Finishes
  • PVC Vinyl – extruded colors, painted colors (AAMA 613-05 / 614-05), and wrapped options
  • Aluminum – primed, painted (standard AAMA 2603/ 2604), Kynar (AAMA 2605), and anodized (matched to your color)
  • Wood (wide variety of hard and soft wood species) – natural, primed (white wash), prefinished, and clear coat

SDL Patterns

Rectangular Grille Patterns: Cut and notch system. Each bar is precisely cut to length and completely machined with our high quality joint work – NOT PIECED.

This product option is a very economical choice, saving production costs and time while increasing efficiencies for your production team. We provide these grilles in a knocked-down kit in a polybag, to simply assemble as shown.

We also offer customers a bulk program option.

SDL Patterns - 4R and 6R

Shaped Grille Patterns: An infinite number of shapes are also available with our VCUT technology
– If you are looking for a unique grille with a shaped or custom pattern, Creative Millwork has endless possibilities – let us create that custom look for you

SDL Tapes

Selected to work exclusively with our Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Grilles, we offer several different tape choices. With two different color tapes to choose from, gray and black, combined with different thicknesses, this allows us to meet your application needs. Choices ranging from high bond acrylic foam tape to close cell polyethylene foam construction tape we have the right pick for you. Here at Creative Millwork we guarantee our tape adhesion to our grilles to ensure our grilles are a premium choice that provide a secure, long-term permanent bond between the grille and the glass.

  • 045" thick
  • .045" thick (Low Temperature)
  • .025" thick

  • HP .030" thick
  • HP .045" thick

  • .045" thick
  • .025" thick

Endwork Conditions (Over 1300 Designs)

Casement Endwork - Generic

Casement Endwork Generic (Click image to enlarge)

Fixed Endwork - Generic

Fixed Endwork Generic (Click image to enlarge)


Keys to successful SDL Grille Application. (Please refer to SDL Instruction Sheets for further information.)

  1. Place window on a horizontal work surface. Remember to keep your work area, your hands, and the glass surface area clean when working with SDL bars
  2. Wipe the glass surface with a clean cotton cloth. *DO NOT USE ANY CLEANERS TO CLEAN SURFACE*
  3. Assemble grilles then dry fit on glass surface in order to maintain clearance; trim equal amounts per side to keep alignment (if necessary)
  4. Swipe surface of the glass with the Gap Product (Adhesion Promoter), then apply grilles to the glass surface. Remember you need “wiggle room”! You cannot nudge, budge or move the bars once the tape touches the glass!
  5. Do not move window to a cold area (below 60 degrees Fahrenheit) for 72 hours with standard SDL tapes. *SDL Tape needs this time to completely cure for full adhesion

For Distributors, Design Centers, Dealers:

Contact Creative Millwork for assistance in ordering or reviewing your specific grille needs.

OEM's & Fabricators

For Repeatable, Volume Business Process to pick out SDL Products:

  1. Select Materials Needed For Interior & Exterior Surface Applied Grilles:

    Vinyl, Aluminum, Bronze, Wood (wide variety of species)

  2. Select A Profile:
    • Profile charts available from this web site
    • Some profiles are available in multiple widths for client friendly options
    • We can develop new profiles designs to fit your needs - just call our Customer Support Team
  3. Select Colors & Finishes
    • PVC Vinyl- extruded colors, painted colors (AAMA 613-05 / 614-05), and wrapped options
    • Aluminum – primed, painted (standard AAMA 2603/ 2604), Kynar (AAMA 2605), and anodized (matched to your color)
    • Wood (wide variety of hard and soft wood species) – natural, primed (white wash), prefinished, and clear coat
  4. Design Engineering / Product Knowledge For Specification Data Base Generation – by Creative Millwork

Design/Engineering Process



Research and Development

Client Submittals

  • Cross Sectional Drawings
  • Physical Window/Door Units Cut Sheet & Part Breakdown
  • Color/Wrap Control Samples
  • Grilles Between Glass/ILT Specifications

Phase 1:
Product Development and Theoretical Prototype Drawings

  • Profile Options
  • SDL Tape Options
  • Endwork Conditions
  • Colors/Finishes/Wraps

Phase 2:
Product Development and Physical Prototyping

  • Fabricate Physical Grille Samples
  • Creative Millwork Fit Testing
  • Generate Specific Formula to Provide R&D Samples

Phase 3: SDL Prototype

  • Client Review
  • Client Approval


Sales Program


  • Program Matrix

  • Profiles
  • Colors/Finishes/Wraps
  • Grille Patterns
  • Tape (SDL)
  • Pricing Discount
  • Service Cycle
  • Packaging
  • Payment Terms
  • Special Needs
  • Shipping Services


Specification Programming


Programming Client's Product Knowledge


System Test of Client's Product Knowledge


GrillePro+ Is Released Live at Creative Millwork


GrillePro+ Software Complete for Client Download for Order Entry By Line Item

Import Process

File Transfer of Client's Data To Creative Millwork


  • Establish File Format of Client
  • Programming Begins to Map Client's Data to Database


Setup of File Transfer Process (FTP) for Easy Order Entry


Test File Import; Test Run Provided to Client to Ensure Success


  • Import Release
  • Purchase Order Setup

Need a Custom Design?

Our Customer Support Group will be happy to lend their “expertise” for any project.

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