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Purchase Orders

All orders or quotes should be email to:

All orders must contain the following information:

  • All orders must have a purchase order number
  • Job names are appreciated and can be used as a cross reference
  • All orders must have a bill to & ship to address
  • A contact person with contact info

Please identify the following:

  • Your material: Vinyl/Aluminum/Bronze/Wood
  • Your Profile: Creative Millwork Profile
  • Your Desired Color
  • Interior/Exterior/Both
  • Select a Finish (Standard/Anodized/Kynar/Other)
  • Your Endwork (Straight cut/Angled/Custom)
  • Any Special Alignments
  • Your Window and Door Callouts/Outside Frame Size/or Visible Glass Dimension (in inches)
  • Your Desired Product Type
  • Your Pattern: Traditional, Shaped, Customs (attach a sketch or drawings)
  • A Window Schedule for Large Commercial Jobs